The focus is always on grill bbq ----superlative quality  ,safe, modern concise & giveaway prices.

Grill Tech insider established three systems for the target.

They are Quality Tracibility system、 Processing integration system, development & Continuous improvement system.

Quality Tracibility system:

Which can assure and trace the whole process ,from the raw materia purchase of Xlong'grill BBQ , design,processing, assembing,finished products,packaging and final test approval.

Quality Tracibility system  assure each grill BBQ released lot to check and trace the respective worker. 

Processing integration system:

Grill Tech insider adopt the grill BBQ modular processing tech, with automated digital machining application we can reduce the rejected quality problems let by human error. 

Development & Continuous improvement system

It is the most important basic of various system.


Xlong'grill BBQ humanized, modern concise design, ideal thermal efficiency, satisfied structural stability, low production costs, potable functions , are totally achieved through modern industrial design and structure design.

Grill Tech insider committed to save expenditure and let users more concentrate on enjoying the barbecue grill.