2016The Latest Design Foldable Charcoal Bbq Grill Become The Target Of Imitation Of The Domestic Market Counterparts

2016 promote The latest Design Foldable charcoal Bbq grill, Grill Tech Insider Co.,Ltd has four types.

Unique design, safe and convenient, well-made and favorable price are the reasons why users are keen on .

Recently many replicas are sold  in the market , which copy Xlong's bbq grill . after further comparison, you will find many differences.

1,Weight difference: the replicas are lighter, not conform the standard. Easily and  severe deformation under high BBQ temperature.

2.Accuracy: poor accuracy of the replicas, which have many security risks due to the  ununiform production process . Consumers who buy fake products occurred a number of scratches. 

3.Design standard: the replicas violate the design standard, for lower raw steel cost. Which will result in the easily deformation and low load limit, great difference from the original products.